Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knitted up this item on circular needles using some balls of wool left over from previous felted bags. Used alot more of the cream wool this time , and stripped it with some non felting yarn as well for effect. Am still deciding where to go with this project, had all sorts of ideas. Was initially going to sew denim pockets on to it, but my daughter when I guess not !
I have knitted up a shape and was going to sew it on to the front as a pocket, but then I got the idea of maybe using that as the closure for the top. I,ll see how it goes and post a pic when its done. Don't know why this project hasn't come together quicker...ah well. I think I know why...coz I started this blog now I,m spending MORE time on my laptop than before....

Put these cushions together for my daughter last Christmas so they would match the colours in her room. Sewed the knitted fronts onto metalic purple cushion covers and they didn't turn out too bad. They look great on her bed....when she makes it ...

More of my furry little friends Love the contrast of the white with the brightly coloured bobbles.

And other one..... anyone want a cosy


  1. I am way too embarrassed to tell you :-o !!!
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    I went through a faze ..ok !!!