Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Its felted !! I am pleased with the end result. I am glad I used the black for contrast....its really brought out all the colours.

Decided to add some detail to the closing flap. I did a blanket stitch and then crochet an edge with striped wool. It looks finished now.
Found a wicked wool from Spotlight called " Vintage hues' from Cleckheaton. Its a self striping wool in brilliant colours. this one is mixed with a light blue Spotlight acrylic yarn. Love the rainbow effect....

This bag is made with the same wool, different colour combination, and I used a light blue and mauve acrylic yarn stripped through it. I experimented with sewing some of the wool on the flap in swirls and crocheted an edge along the bottom.

Was amazed how well this bag came out.....I think I am addicted to the anticipation of opening the washing machine to see what comes out !!!!
I used the orange/ green/ red ... Cleckheaton " Vintage hues " with a heap of scape yarns I had in similar colours. Its a great sized bag and the little crocheted worms really work on the front.

Another " Vintage hues " bag, this time with the purple/ yellow/ green wool. I striped it with light and dark purple acrylic yarn. Crocheted a straight edge along the bottom and curved it in the drying process.

This one is in the washing machine at the moment.....can't wait to see it. I used the " Vintage hues" this wool.... and this time used black acrylic to emphasise the bright colours. Its a different shape too, so I,ll see if its worth doing again.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A bag for me !!! Love green and purple together, its actually alot nicer in real life , the photo doesn't do it justice.

Made this great little gargoyle at ceramics, used the antiquing effect and painted his eyes with gold paint. He's made to hang over a shelf, at the moment his guarding the grog

This was a present a made for a friend. I made the letters at ceramics and glued them to a beautiful old seat of a chair...( no longer a working chair, only had the seat left) I distressed the seat and added a beaded wire hanger..(not shown...added after I took the pic)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ok so this is that non felting yarn lol. I am going to line this and turn it into a pencil case for my daughter for next year.

Another felted bag , this time changing to scrap yarns to get different effects. I used alot more blue and cream in this one and has a slighty different shape than the others.

This is a cute little bright pink and purple bag, another Christmas pressie finished...yippee !
Used Lincraft "cosie" stripped purple , the fair isle "carnival" and stash wool.

This bag is larger than the pink one ,I used the same wools and some different stash wool. All my bags make themselves as I knit along...I'm just there with the needles enjoying the

Another present finished, I used 3 shades of green Lincraft "cosie" along with some black stash yarn. Changed to amount of stitiches considerably , so it had a squarer bum, but didn't much like the result. So will probably stick with the rectangle base as it makes a nicer shape bag.
I knitted this little bag really quickly, I was nervous about a back op I was going to have 2 days later . I used Lincraft "cosy" and "blossom". It felted really soft and I may have to keep this one , and its not even "purple " !!!

Ok, got plenty of time on my hands due to the op. So time to rest and KNIT.... Since I'm pretty useless for anything apart from knitting atm , I have managed to knit my way through the last 3 weeks . I decided to have a play with some Lincraft "cosy" wool and mixed it with scraps from the yarn basket. Was amazed at how much the bags changed after the felting process. I am getting very quickly addicted to what I call "the washing machine miracle"

This is the result...Not too bad at all. Will make a great Christmas present.

This over the shoulder bag was meant to be felted , but the wool content wasn't high enough so it was never going to felt...bugger ! Used a "carnival" yarn that was in a fair isle pattern, loved it , and a fine black 50% wool yarn. It has a flap that stays in place with the use of a crocheted loop and a pretty jewelled pin on the bottom.

Another bag using the same yarns , I will line this one . Its a nice size and didn't really matter that it didn't felt.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally finished this one...
I did end up using the knitted piece as the closure. I blanket stitched round the handle...just looks better and feels more sturdy. Added some of my recycled jewels , even used a clip on earring as the closure well.

I like the combination of the felted bag and the unfelted section.
Had to put this pic in.... these are my work aren't

My first and only attempt at leadlighting, I always wanted to have a go at it. I did enjoy making this, its quite time consuming but the end result is worth it. I have gathered all the tools and materials to continue this craft but still need to purchase an electric grinder to grind the edges on the glass. Have tried to grind with other tools but the result wasn't satisfactory.

Love my woolly slipperys. I made a pair for a dear friend of mine ,as she was going into hospital. And I have since made another 5pair of differing patterns. These ones are knitted from this pattern ........

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knitted up this item on circular needles using some balls of wool left over from previous felted bags. Used alot more of the cream wool this time , and stripped it with some non felting yarn as well for effect. Am still deciding where to go with this project, had all sorts of ideas. Was initially going to sew denim pockets on to it, but my daughter when I guess not !
I have knitted up a shape and was going to sew it on to the front as a pocket, but then I got the idea of maybe using that as the closure for the top. I,ll see how it goes and post a pic when its done. Don't know why this project hasn't come together quicker...ah well. I think I know why...coz I started this blog now I,m spending MORE time on my laptop than before....

Put these cushions together for my daughter last Christmas so they would match the colours in her room. Sewed the knitted fronts onto metalic purple cushion covers and they didn't turn out too bad. They look great on her bed....when she makes it ...

More of my furry little friends Love the contrast of the white with the brightly coloured bobbles.

And other one..... anyone want a cosy
Found a few more of the "Teacosies" I made last year. They really are so much fun to make. I love the fact you can use any yarn and the brighter more textured they are the better...well I think anyway lol

Love this one, it fits any size pot, just fits right over the top.

This one is tiny, love it coz it's purple lol

Knitted this jumper early last year for my husband to be at the time, so he could wear it in Tasmania on our honeymoon .It had been 23yrs since I had knitted a jumper ! So this was a huge feat for me at the time.He loves it, so thats all that matters. And I followed a pattern !!! Pat on the back for me lol

Ah my trusty lill friend, my eyes glasses case. Made from some yummy 100% wool gathered from Spotlight and Bendigo Woollen Mill....(love that place ). Got really bored at a fair I was trying to sell stuff at, forgot to take any knitting so ended up sewing the beads and hearts all over it for something to do !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I had a lovely friend introduce me to ceramics a few months ago, and I love it !! Made this lill pub for a friend of mine for Christmas.

This is my first attempt of mosaic work. It's not finished yet and I will need to get round to doing the last application of a finer grout. Its quite a large vase so is very effect in my dinning room.

My second finished project at ceramics.... they are to be hung on the wall when I get round to glueing some hooks on the back of them. I love my herb garden so it was only fitting to do these herb tablets.

My first ceramics project...If i'd know how time consuming the detail was going to be I probably wouldn't have choosen this design. But after the fact....I think it was all worth it.

My latest finished ceramic project. I,ve always wanted a jug and bowl set, and now I have one !
I love the colour and it sets the tone for when I paint the bathroom. I also have a small antique cabinet for it to sit on , but its in the que to be refurbished. So it may be seen ONE day later on when it's finished ...

These are electrical cabinets that I painted up and fixed to the BBQ area to hold BBQ stuff. They work well and save us walking up and down the hill we live on , by storing cooking gear and condiments.

Scored this sewing cabinet from Dad. Rubbed it back and painted it up for my daughters room. She uses it as a desk. I don't usually paint in enamel paint coz it makes me sick, but thought this might need it. I also added a splash effect, were I just dribbled and flicked silver and a lighter blue paint over the top.

This "secretary" was an anniversary present for my husband. I found it in a secondhand store one morning and had it stripped back, sanded and varnished by 4.45pm that night. It was a mission !!!! It sort of keeps his stuff tidy
I felt the repercusions of this workout for weeks, but it was worth it :-)

I grew up with this cabinet as a child. It was in really bad repair ( ready for the tip really ) but I just couldn't see it die :-(
We dragged it home and pulled it apart, replaced rotten bits and got to work on it. It took months, everytime I worked on it , it wrecked my back.
Replaced all the hinges and knobs and painted it with metalic purple. The exposed wood has been done with Danish oil. I love having this piece of my own history in my dinning room.

Loved this picture, so I drew it. Hadn't drawn for nearly 20yrs so wasn't very confident on my abilities....she's not too ugly lol

Just felt like doing a piece that incorporated yarn and paint. Love the colour of the flowers so made lill balls of yarn for the centers and already had the heart knitted. Twisted some colourful yarns to make the boarder. Its actually alot brighter in true light.

Painted this earlier this year when I was extremely sad. Got a canvas put paint brush in hand and this painted its self.

Thought I'd have a go at tie dying. These lill numbers were the result. I used the old rubber band method on the singlet and sock sets and painted the dye on the suit.

Do have a huge tie dye project in mind, want to do a doona cover. Will wait for the weather to get warmer for that one, so I will have some where to dry it.

A friend told me about these . They are felted soap... the coloured ones are done with lambswool and the carmel one is alpaca fleece. They are so easy and fun to make. I made them with lovely smelling soap, so they make great presents. Will make some more.

I love making teacosies... I have made all my friends one. I just ask what their fav colour is and and make them one that suits their teapot. I think all teapots deserve a cosy !!!!
This is my " I dream of Jeannie " one.

This one reminds of me of something off" Sesame St"

A everyday hat the was made of jumper left overs. Its really soft and goes with everything "purple "

This one was made to be sold, but I fell in love with it. Every row is a different colour. It did take awhile to knit and sew ALL the threads in.....

This lill black number was experiment in slouching. It worked well using really soft yarn. It has a purple/green trim and gets worn lots. Made a lill scarf to go with it..nice combo.