Saturday, December 13, 2008

I knitted this little bag really quickly, I was nervous about a back op I was going to have 2 days later . I used Lincraft "cosy" and "blossom". It felted really soft and I may have to keep this one , and its not even "purple " !!!

Ok, got plenty of time on my hands due to the op. So time to rest and KNIT.... Since I'm pretty useless for anything apart from knitting atm , I have managed to knit my way through the last 3 weeks . I decided to have a play with some Lincraft "cosy" wool and mixed it with scraps from the yarn basket. Was amazed at how much the bags changed after the felting process. I am getting very quickly addicted to what I call "the washing machine miracle"

This is the result...Not too bad at all. Will make a great Christmas present.

This over the shoulder bag was meant to be felted , but the wool content wasn't high enough so it was never going to felt...bugger ! Used a "carnival" yarn that was in a fair isle pattern, loved it , and a fine black 50% wool yarn. It has a flap that stays in place with the use of a crocheted loop and a pretty jewelled pin on the bottom.

Another bag using the same yarns , I will line this one . Its a nice size and didn't really matter that it didn't felt.

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  1. They have all turned out really well. I think my favourites are the first and the third ones. I do love how you never know how a project is going to be changed when you put it into be washed, sometimes making magic and other times making a mess. Though by the looks of things these projects are of the magic variety. Well done you!