Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ok so this is that non felting yarn lol. I am going to line this and turn it into a pencil case for my daughter for next year.

Another felted bag , this time changing to scrap yarns to get different effects. I used alot more blue and cream in this one and has a slighty different shape than the others.

This is a cute little bright pink and purple bag, another Christmas pressie finished...yippee !
Used Lincraft "cosie" stripped purple , the fair isle "carnival" and stash wool.

This bag is larger than the pink one ,I used the same wools and some different stash wool. All my bags make themselves as I knit along...I'm just there with the needles enjoying the

Another present finished, I used 3 shades of green Lincraft "cosie" along with some black stash yarn. Changed to amount of stitiches considerably , so it had a squarer bum, but didn't much like the result. So will probably stick with the rectangle base as it makes a nicer shape bag.

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  1. Just goes to show that tastes vary so much, cos I really like the shape of that last one.