Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Found a wicked wool from Spotlight called " Vintage hues' from Cleckheaton. Its a self striping wool in brilliant colours. this one is mixed with a light blue Spotlight acrylic yarn. Love the rainbow effect....

This bag is made with the same wool, different colour combination, and I used a light blue and mauve acrylic yarn stripped through it. I experimented with sewing some of the wool on the flap in swirls and crocheted an edge along the bottom.

Was amazed how well this bag came out.....I think I am addicted to the anticipation of opening the washing machine to see what comes out !!!!
I used the orange/ green/ red ... Cleckheaton " Vintage hues " with a heap of scape yarns I had in similar colours. Its a great sized bag and the little crocheted worms really work on the front.

Another " Vintage hues " bag, this time with the purple/ yellow/ green wool. I striped it with light and dark purple acrylic yarn. Crocheted a straight edge along the bottom and curved it in the drying process.

This one is in the washing machine at the moment.....can't wait to see it. I used the " Vintage hues" this wool.... and this time used black acrylic to emphasise the bright colours. Its a different shape too, so I,ll see if its worth doing again.

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