Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Found a few more of the "Teacosies" I made last year. They really are so much fun to make. I love the fact you can use any yarn and the brighter more textured they are the better...well I think anyway lol

Love this one, it fits any size pot, just fits right over the top.

This one is tiny, love it coz it's purple lol

Knitted this jumper early last year for my husband to be at the time, so he could wear it in Tasmania on our honeymoon .It had been 23yrs since I had knitted a jumper ! So this was a huge feat for me at the time.He loves it, so thats all that matters. And I followed a pattern !!! Pat on the back for me lol

Ah my trusty lill friend, my eyes glasses case. Made from some yummy 100% wool gathered from Spotlight and Bendigo Woollen Mill....(love that place ). Got really bored at a fair I was trying to sell stuff at, forgot to take any knitting so ended up sewing the beads and hearts all over it for something to do !


  1. I love the wool you used for your hubbie's jumper. And very well done on the following a pattern thing - it can be very tricky.

  2. It was the only time I have used the "said" yarn for the pattern.It was a spotlight yarn and it knitted up nicely.
    I have since bought some 100% wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mill to knit him another jumper. Am looking for a pattern that is knitted mainly on circular needles.