Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I had a lovely friend introduce me to ceramics a few months ago, and I love it !! Made this lill pub for a friend of mine for Christmas.

This is my first attempt of mosaic work. It's not finished yet and I will need to get round to doing the last application of a finer grout. Its quite a large vase so is very effect in my dinning room.

My second finished project at ceramics.... they are to be hung on the wall when I get round to glueing some hooks on the back of them. I love my herb garden so it was only fitting to do these herb tablets.

My first ceramics project...If i'd know how time consuming the detail was going to be I probably wouldn't have choosen this design. But after the fact....I think it was all worth it.

My latest finished ceramic project. I,ve always wanted a jug and bowl set, and now I have one !
I love the colour and it sets the tone for when I paint the bathroom. I also have a small antique cabinet for it to sit on , but its in the que to be refurbished. So it may be seen ONE day later on when it's finished ...

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