Tuesday, November 18, 2008

These are electrical cabinets that I painted up and fixed to the BBQ area to hold BBQ stuff. They work well and save us walking up and down the hill we live on , by storing cooking gear and condiments.

Scored this sewing cabinet from Dad. Rubbed it back and painted it up for my daughters room. She uses it as a desk. I don't usually paint in enamel paint coz it makes me sick, but thought this might need it. I also added a splash effect, were I just dribbled and flicked silver and a lighter blue paint over the top.

This "secretary" was an anniversary present for my husband. I found it in a secondhand store one morning and had it stripped back, sanded and varnished by 4.45pm that night. It was a mission !!!! It sort of keeps his stuff tidy ..lol
I felt the repercusions of this workout for weeks, but it was worth it :-)

I grew up with this cabinet as a child. It was in really bad repair ( ready for the tip really ) but I just couldn't see it die :-(
We dragged it home and pulled it apart, replaced rotten bits and got to work on it. It took months, everytime I worked on it , it wrecked my back.
Replaced all the hinges and knobs and painted it with metalic purple. The exposed wood has been done with Danish oil. I love having this piece of my own history in my dinning room.

Loved this picture, so I drew it. Hadn't drawn for nearly 20yrs so wasn't very confident on my abilities....she's not too ugly lol

Just felt like doing a piece that incorporated yarn and paint. Love the colour of the flowers so made lill balls of yarn for the centers and already had the heart knitted. Twisted some colourful yarns to make the boarder. Its actually alot brighter in true light.

Painted this earlier this year when I was extremely sad. Got a canvas put paint brush in hand and this painted its self.

Thought I'd have a go at tie dying. These lill numbers were the result. I used the old rubber band method on the singlet and sock sets and painted the dye on the suit.

Do have a huge tie dye project in mind, want to do a doona cover. Will wait for the weather to get warmer for that one, so I will have some where to dry it.

A friend told me about these . They are felted soap... the coloured ones are done with lambswool and the carmel one is alpaca fleece. They are so easy and fun to make. I made them with lovely smelling soap, so they make great presents. Will make some more.

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