Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love making teacosies... I have made all my friends one. I just ask what their fav colour is and and make them one that suits their teapot. I think all teapots deserve a cosy !!!!
This is my " I dream of Jeannie " one.

This one reminds of me of something off" Sesame St"

A everyday hat the was made of jumper left overs. Its really soft and goes with everything "purple "

This one was made to be sold, but I fell in love with it. Every row is a different colour. It did take awhile to knit and sew ALL the threads in.....

This lill black number was experiment in slouching. It worked well using really soft yarn. It has a purple/green trim and gets worn lots. Made a lill scarf to go with it..nice combo.

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